Friday, July 2, 2010

Shelby, OH July 2, 2010

Hi Guys,

What a wonderful day fly it started out to be.

Gil Morris resurrected his 1/2A Pop-up that was resting in the top of tree until heavy storms blew it out. He recovered it and as you can see from the photos it is ready to GO!

Gil also checked out his other model. Still needs some trimming.

Mike Kalish made it to the field for the first time in a long time and enjoyed every minute.

Yours truly with his 1/2A DeBolt Airfoiler; still trying to trim it out.

Ted Williams flew His Korda Victory and 39 Wake. Ted did not fly last year due to some medical problems. He made up for lost time on this day.

Cliff Riedel brought another of his grandsons, Kyle. Kyle launched Cliff's beautiful gliders.

As you can see from the photos the grass in the field is about six inches high. Just great for flying FAC models. Also in the background you can see a corn field.

You guessed it, things turned ugly!

The glider with the purple wings decided not to turn after coming of the tow hook. It headed straight for the very large corn field.

Kyle got his first taste of walking in a corn field with the corn over his head. After a hour or two, three old men an one young tired boy left the corn field without finding the Cliff's glider.

Cliff took Kyle to a ice cream store where Kyle ordered the biggest milk shake they made. Cliff said it looked like a half gallon. Klye downed the whole thing!

Another flying day to remember at the Shelby Airport.


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