Monday, April 29, 2024


Sunday, April 28, 2024

 On Jack's Andersen Pylon, Not quite finished yet.

I still have to sheet the sides of the Pylon. However,

before I can do that, I have to check the wing incidence to

make sure it is 1.5 degrees, and since the wing chord is so wide (17.5")

I am needing to have an incidence meter sent to me by Jack.

So, I will take some pictures of that process.


In the meantime, I went back to building my two Hungarian Old Timer Pelikans…

Finally received the motors but also covered the wings and stabilators for both of them this week.

There will be a 3-meter Pelikan for Texaco and also one for LMR electric.

Back to finishing the Fuselages tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Pylon construction for 110% Anderson Pylon

 Finally got the pylon framed and installed on the fuselage.

Also tied and braced the pylon to the fuselage with front and back carbon fiber hollow tube struts.

Jay Burkart

And so, another adventure in the world of Klarich Kits is coming to an end.  All that remains is for Jack Hiner to drive down to KY, pick it up, and start the covering process.

Henry Struck's Record Hound by Glen Poole of Yorkville, IL


Sunday, April 14, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon

 I made some progress on Jack’s Andersen Pylon, even worked on the pylon mount a bit.

Got the Saddle area for the pylon mounting sheeted.

Then installed the servos, pushrods using Sullivan Gold N cable hooked up the elevator and rudder, and lastly the compartment for Motor Battery, ESC and Receiver/servo batteries.


What’s left is the Pylon and some finish work at the Horizontal stab to fuselage junction.

Jay Burkart 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon


I got the landing gear made of 3/16 hard music wire made and mounted it and the motor to the fuselage.

The motor mount is made up of a lamination of 3/8 aircraft plywood back plate with v groove milled into it for landing gear,

Then a 3/16 aircraft plywood plate over that with the back plate of the motor mount then over that.

All held in place with hardened 6-32 Allen cap screws.

The motor mount back plate is strengthened to the fuselage with plywood gussets and then at the joint

It is covered at the joint with 8 oz. fiberglass tape.


The motor has a 13.5” clearance over the ground to minimize ground strikes.


Next the pylon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Burkart

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon

 Tail mounted...

110% Anderson Pylons built from Klarich Kits at the 2001 SAM Champs/Vegas
The blue and yellow one was by Jim Kincy of CA. I don't know who built the one with the orange flames.  Both were flown in Glow Antique.  Long motor runs call for BIG models!

Monday, April 8, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon

 I also got the sides joined on the Andersen Pylon today..

Had to work fast with making first both sides and then before the longerons which had soaked in Windex for two days due to their high density and then the sides were joined together

With no strain and will hold that form as they dry.

Notice that the rear part of the longerons are also 3/8” sq Spruce and that the highly curved front 1/3 is very hard balsa.

Also put large gussets holding the front pieces where the landing gear and motor will be mounted.


Jay Burkart

110% Anderson Pylon

 Started building the fuselage sides, both sides built after first cutting all the verticals.

Late Dale Hannum's Anderson Pylon

OS FS-60 converted to ignition

Dale Hannum maintained the Model Recognition page on the SAM  Website.
Appears to be covered in either Solartex or SIG Koverall