Saturday, December 29, 2012

Larry Davidson Flying 3D

Here's the SAM FF Champ Larry Davidson flying an R/C model indoors!

Stevens Aero FREDe 2X (part 7)

 Hi Tom,

 I had to raise the rudder pushrod position so as not to bind the connection to the servo. Also installed a latch to secure the hatch. I did not trust the magnets. I connected the rudder and elevator servo to a receiver and checked out the centering. They were both A-OK. Then connected the pushrods to the rudder and elevator. They operated also A-OK. How about that landing gear with Dave Brown Lite Flite 4 1/2 in Wheels? 


Friday, December 28, 2012

Stevens Aero FREDe 2X (part 6)

Hi Tom,

 It has been three and a half days of construction on and off. I could not resist putting FRED into the cockpit. The major construction is finished. Now the touch stuff, installing the control rods, control horns, servos, tail wheel and the final sanding prior to covering. I am going to take a break and rest.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stevens Aero FREDe 2X (part 5)

Hi Tom,

 This model is going together like a jig-saw puzzle. I sometimes lose a part and have to search the many pieces of balsa wood. The magnetic hatch system is a little weak. I plan to install a lever to retain the hatch. As you can see the servo installation is going to be a little tight. The servo tray has to be modified for the Hitec HS-322HD servo. This afternoon the stab & rudder will be built. That is it for now.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Steven Aero FREDe 2X (part 4)

Hi Tom,

 The wing needs to be reglued on all joints and then sanded for covering. I started building Christmas morning and finished this afternoon. Time taken off for Christmas doings and dinner, also watching movies. The construction was amazing due to precision laser cut balsa parts. It took 19 sheets of various thickness balsa sheets for the wing. Notice the tip is curved. When covered this may give a little tip lift which would be helpful when landing. May prevent tip stalling. I just had to send the photos of a very old Christmas ornament of the Santa Biplane. The low aspect ratio wing jumped right out at me as I passed by it decorating the Christmas Tree. The aspect ratio for FREDe2X is 2.75. Who knows maybe Stevens AeroModel could design a FREDe2X Biplane???? This model has been a joy (or fun) to build as of now. Will start building the fuselage tomorrow. 

Steven Aero FREDe 2X (part 3)

The wing is going together really great. Very few places I had to sand to make the parts fit. Started this morning about 10 am and worked through to 12:30 PM, had to go upstairs to check the blizzard going on outside. One of the photos shows the assembly of the upper spar. It fit like a glove into the ribs. The chord of the wing is a little over 20 inches. I should finish construction of the wing this afternoon. It is a very nice model to put together with out any plans. Back to assembling....

Stevens Aeromodel FredE review for RCGroups from Napo Monasterio on Vimeo.