Monday, October 24, 2011

2.4GHz: is it all it’s cracked up to be?

We recently received this intriguing article from Dave Horvath and invite you to read it and then join in the discussion.  
A substantial number of unexplained crashes of radio control model airplanes on 2.4GHz frequency prompted me to write this article on the so-called “interference free” radio control systems on the 2.4GHz band.          
The electromagnetic wave spectrum is subject to the immutable laws of physics.
The propagation characteristics of the 2.4GHz wavelength and the environmental effects of this frequency are more complex than on the 72MHz band. To better understand this, we have to look at the electromagnetic wave spectrum where 72MHz band is in the broadcasting region and the 2.4GHz band is in the microwave region. It is easier to see the huge difference between 72MHz and 2.4GHz frequencies when we convert 2.4 gigahertz to megahertz. Now it is 2400MHz versus 72MHz. When frequency increases, wavelength decreases. Therefore, the 2.4GHz wavelength is shorter and closer to visible light on the electromagnetic wave spectrum. Since visible light is also an electromagnetic wave, 2.4GHz wavelength behaves more like visible light and travels in straight lines until it is reflected, deflected, diffracted or absorbed. Reflection and diffraction will create interference. When parallel rays of light are reflected by a concave mirror, it greatly increases the intensity of light at the focal point. A parabolic dish antenna works the same way for a 2.4GHz electromagnetic wave. Since we cannot focus a high gain directional parabolic dish antenna between our constantly moving model airplane and our transmitter, we have to use an omnidirectional vertical antenna system which has much lower signal intensity.  
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 SAM Champs photos from Dr. George E. Shacklett

The wind started up dramatically about 11:25 A.M. and people could see the big-assed rain cloud bearing down on the field and decided to "abandon ship" Andy Latowski "sails" his Folly back to his car .

Glenn Poole sets up to land his Speed 400 Statostreak in the breeze that was not there when he took off.
His timer gets in position to catch the model after touchdown to prevent wind damage. Despite the precaution,
the "streak" tumbled and damaged one of the winglets-which he repaired this afternoon so it
is ready for the Concourse Wednesday evening.

Chuck Kime,  get's his Gollywock Electric model ready for flight Monday.
Chuck's much better half, Tina was in charge of the R/C registration and posting
Aerial view by Eut Tileston

Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011 Midwest Champs Day 3

For many more photos from the third day, see slide show #3  by clicking  here.   

2011 Midwest Champs Day 2

Latowskis with 'B' Westerner for O&R .23 event

The pictures above are just a small sample of Day 2. For slide show #2 click here

2011 Midwest Champs Day 1

For slide show #1 click here .  Many more!
When you see the contest flyer, you've reached the end for day 1.

Electric Taube

Gil Morris' Taube in flight at Muncie

11/21/11 update

I proved to myself today what you preached and what the Wright brothers discovered that to turn you need to twist the wing along with the rudder. I finished mechanically linking the wing wigglers to  the rudder servo and all looked good so I headed out for Shelby this afternoon. I got half way to and spotted a nice harvested field, stopped and flew the Taube. Its turn response is good now. Still, I'm a rank amature at RC and made a hard landing. No damage but one of the bearings for the wing wiggler popped out and was lost in the dirt. So I couldn't make a second flight. I now ordered a replacement bearing from Boca. I'm hoping for an Indian summer day after the replacement bearing arrives. I don't think I can wait for next spring.

Tom, I haven't had any one contact me from the East yet.

Happy Holidays & thermals,   Gil

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tandy Walker's Christmas display

Sue's daughter Kathy and her husband David have this huge Christmas store in Arlington called Decorator's Warehouse. This year I took two if my radio control models down to their store and hung them up over the Christmas tree area. The picture below shows the Speed 400 electric powered 54 in. span Korda Wakefield RC model hanging from the store's ceiling.

Over on the opposite side of the Christmas tree area, we hung the 65 in. span FUBAR 600X Nostalgia RC model from the ceiling. It is gas powered with an Italian SuperTigre .35 engine.

David told me I had better come up with a price for each of these models because before the Christmas season is over there will be several people that will want to buy them.........................Tandy Walter

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SIG Kadet

Hi Tom,
The Kadet flew nice.  Had to adjust the throttle settings and the elevator slightly.
Will make a good trainer model for the Huriotts.
Thank your Uncle Paul for me.