Sunday, October 9, 2011

Electric Taube

Gil Morris' Taube in flight at Muncie

11/21/11 update

I proved to myself today what you preached and what the Wright brothers discovered that to turn you need to twist the wing along with the rudder. I finished mechanically linking the wing wigglers to  the rudder servo and all looked good so I headed out for Shelby this afternoon. I got half way to and spotted a nice harvested field, stopped and flew the Taube. Its turn response is good now. Still, I'm a rank amature at RC and made a hard landing. No damage but one of the bearings for the wing wiggler popped out and was lost in the dirt. So I couldn't make a second flight. I now ordered a replacement bearing from Boca. I'm hoping for an Indian summer day after the replacement bearing arrives. I don't think I can wait for next spring.

Tom, I haven't had any one contact me from the East yet.

Happy Holidays & thermals,   Gil

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