Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick Oats 3

Hi Tom,

The assembly of the fuselage was unbelievable. It was very well engineered. As I started to assemble the fuselage, per the manual, I thought this is going to turn into one big crooked mess due to all the slots and tabs that had to be lined up. To my surprise every tab and slot clicked together. Talk about a very well engineer assemble design; just fantastic! The plywood motor mount had to be sanded a little in order to slide the two pieces together. A step in the manual called to check the fuselage to see if it was square; it was right on dead square.

When I thought I was going to have a problem a little patience really paid off. Do not rush the assembly of the fuselage.

To sum up, not only was it a very well engineered; it was a work of art.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick Oats 2

Hi Tom,
The kit is excellent.  The laser cut parts are the best I have seen.  The parts are almost a perfect fit. The name of the model fits.  It goes together Quickly.
Found one error in the Manual on page 7, step 18 for the wing.  It refers to W3 sub spar.  There is no W3 sub spar in the wing.
I added additional pieces of balsa under the wing tips for added strength and to fare it out better for covering.
Also added a piece of balsa to the main spar in the center section of the wing.  During construction I cracked the main spar.  It is easy to do if you hurry the construction.
One of the photos show how crisp and clean the laser parts come out of the sheet wood.

Bucky Walter

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bucky's Quick Oats 1

Hi Tom,

The Quick Oats arrived this afternoon at 4:40 PM by UPS.
I talked with Gene Wallock and he told me that Larry Kruse is going to do a construction article on the Quick Oats for Flying Models Magazine.
I built a Top Flight Contender and Larry built a Top Flight Contender.
Now we are both going to build the Quick Oats.
I will send you photos and notes on the construction to keep you up to date.

This morning I read the manual and looked at construction photos for the Quick Oats on the web site you sent.


Bucky may not care if it ever stops raining here in Ohio

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

From www.RetroPlane.Net

The turnout for the Show & Tell was small.
Attendees: Grover Ritter, Don Perdue, Dan Gaston and son Evan, Bill Simons, Chris Guss, & Bucky Walter
Grover brought a 3D Slick and an Extra 260. Don showed off his Yak 55. Evan flew his helicopters. And so did Chris. Bucky flew an Elite Extra 300.
Bucky managed to make a basket at each end of the court. ( see Photos) Grover and Don also flew the Extra 300. By the end of the day it survived many many mishaps.
Grover and Chris brought their laptops with simulator programs which most of us tried.
Bill Simons came to watch and also informed us the mower is back on the flying field at Plum Brook.
The turn out was small But we all had fun.
We all are waiting for the weather to break so we can fly at Plum Brook.


New SAM 62 Videos

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Floh Update

 HI Tom,
I got one flight and the glider was all over the sky.  Way too much control with ailerons and rudder.  And way too much control on the elevator.
I de-sensitized all the controls.  Big mistake! 
The glider came off the hook and dived straight down to the road.  I tried to pull it out but there was not enough movement in the elevator.  It hit the road straight down.
The nose of the fueslage is damaged.  I might be able to repair it.
Even if I can repair it I am not sure how to set up the controls.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pair of Tomboys by Karl Gies

This is my just finished Tomboy built from a Bob Holman laser kit and Jim O'Reilly plan. They both did an excellent job on this model in all respects. This is the second one I have built as the first one was built 44 years ago and is still in service. I recently converted it from a Cox Baby Bee .049 to an MP Jet Classic .040 and it is a 44" ws version.  This is a 36" wing span version powered by a CS Boddo Mills .75cc. The fuselage is covered with Japanese tissue over polyspan and the black trim is black tissue. The flying surfaces are Japanese tissue over 1/4 mil mylar and black Japanese tissue trim. The tyres, and this is a British model and correct spellings are in order, are not the tyres going on the model --- I have some coming on back order that will be much lighter. I am also going to build a 44" wing for it to see how much different it flys. 
Karl Gies

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cartoonish Old Timers

Laser cut kits of the Quick Oats are now available from Stevens AeroModel in Colorado Springs.
I saw the prototype fly at the Toledo Show and I was also quite impressed with the array of models brought in by Stevens Aeromodel; including the Rocketeer inspired Rockette.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Toledo Weak Signals Show 2011

Weak Signals 2011 from h3h3eot on Vimeo.

From the Land of Balsa Trees

Multiple time SAM Champion Miguel Salvador works part time for BP Hobbies in New Jersey but has been spending his winters in Equador where he works on more than just his tan.   In a few years, I wouldn't be surprised to see these young enthusiasts emerged as a formidable contingent to take on the best flyers in SAM.