Thursday, March 31, 2011

The PAL Imp

Bobby Lang's latest venture. The PAL Model Products Imp .020 cu. in. diesel prototype has proven to be exceptionally easy to handle for
an engine of this size. It will swing a wide range of props from 4.2X2 right on up to 7X4. It features easy radial mounting ( 2 screws )
and an integral fuel tank which will be available in different capacities and also clear. An R/C carburetor is also planed. Stay tuned.

Dave Acton

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ugly Stick

Hi Tom,

After crashing the Stick twice and ripping off the tail of the fuselage, I decided the Stick needed a pilot to stop anymore crashes.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ben Buckle Galahad part 3

 Hi Tom,

This is Ben Buckle's Galahad with German WWII Markings.
I still have to correct the CG.  It is tail heavy.  I should not have installed that tail wheel.
Plan on putting the battery under the Engine.
Hope you like your German Trainer Model.
Bucky Walter
Sandusky, Ohio

Many thanks to Ben Buckle for producing this fine kit (with some idiosyncrasies) and to Radical R/C of Dayton, OH "where the excitement is Building" for the terrific deal so the construction could be featured on this website!
The German markings are from an ARF supplier sold through Hurricane Hobbies.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Richard/Rickart Tailless

balances @ LE of main wing halfway out, i.e.: front of  3rd rib

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ben Buckle Galahad part 2

Hi Tom,
The wood in this Ben Buckley Kit was very nice hard balsa; sometimes it was difficult to determine if it was hardwood.
The parts were nicely cut except for the four root ribs in the center section of the wing.  It took many cut and try to get those ribs correct.  About a day of cut and try.
The right wing took about a day and a half to construct.  The left wing with the corrected two root ribs took about forty five minutes to construct.
Eighty five percent of the kit went together very nicely.  The rest of the kit was a challenge and the landing gear was a real challenge.
This model should make a very good trainer to learn how to fly R/C, especially take offs and landing.
The model is constructed except for the installation of the radio control system.


Miss Nomer

Hi Guys,
The Miss Nomer by D.J. Cameron of Vancouver can be found in Frank Zaic 1934 Year Book, page 124.
Stu Warner is at it again.  He may not get the Miss Nomer completed for the Weak Signals Show at Toledo this year. 
He brought the bare bones to show ole Bucky. 
Enjoy the photos I am sending to you.
Bucky Walter