Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Lifting Stab Myth

Today's topic comes to us courtesy of DJ Aerotech. We hear a lot of discussion regarding "Lifting Stabs" in the OT community but it's not really discussed among people who fly R/C gliders or full size aircraft. Perhaps, it only had value to these designs as a contributor to their flight patterns in the Freeflight mode but is really a detriment in the glide?

Ron Monsen is an American who plays with Model Airplanes in the Sandbox and he offers more insight on this topic.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Using the MAX A Timer in a High Thrust Model

Building a T-Bird or similar and trying to figure out the installation of a DT timer?
Better think it through before you start. Larry Davidson offers some suggestions.

Other similar hints.

Once there were GIANTS

Boehle Giant build by the Ft. Wayne group hanging in the AMA Museum in Muncie, IN.

At fifteen feet, the Boehle (pronounced: Bailey) Giant by Vernon Boehle was an impressive model in its day. Vernon went on to join one of the Eagle Squadrons in the RAF. Here is a link by a modern day engineer who has decided to revisit the Giant.

A modern rendition of the plan can be viewed here

How to Build a Lanzo Bomber- by Tandy Walker

Ever consider building a Lanzo Bomber? Before you do, review these helpful hints from Master Builder Tandy Walker of Arlington, TX.

Full Size's_Full_Bomber_Project_P1.html