Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An O.S. .46FX with Davis Head and FXR Venturi System

Turns an APC 15x8 Electric prop at 4000 for 11mins on 24cc of fuel. Notice that carb has been replaced by a Venturi with an opening of .045.

900 Square inch Lanzo RC-1 Update

The 900sq in Lanzo RC-1 has now been completed

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tandy Walker's New Website

As most of you know, I have been building and flying model airplanes most of my life. After I got a digital camera, I started documenting my model airplane construction projects by taking pictures of my work at various stages of construction as I went along. Then I started adding some descriptive narrative to the pictures, which ultimately became a sort of informal progress report that I e-mailed out to a few of my close modeling friends. The distribution of these reports quickly grew as I begin to receive requests from modelers all over the country as well as abroad to be put on my distribution list. Since I do not consider any of my work proprietary, the reports of several of my past projects have been collected and posted on other web sites, including the official Society of Antique Modelers (SAM) web site.

Recently, I approached our grandson (Steve) who graduated from Texas A&M in Computer Science Engineering this year, to helped me set up a simple web site that I could use to share my work with other modelers. For a guy like Steve, almost anything is possible on the computer and in a very sort time he had developed a preliminary web site for me. We still have a few features that need to be worked out, especially with posting all of the reports of previous projects, so it is a work in progress at the present and will continue to be for some time.

I have begun work on my latest project for the new SAM Electric Scale Duration event using a 6 volt Speed 400 canned electric motor. I am building a scale model of the 1941 Piper J-4E Cub Coupe shown below with a 49 inch wing span and 330 sq. in. wing area. Its beautiful vintage lines makes it an ideal candidate for the new SAM Scale Duration event. So far I have written and posted nine (9) progress reports relative to the construction of this model, which are under the category of (Projects). Some additional material has also been posted under the categories of (About Tandy, Pictures, and History). Cureently there is nothing under Articles. You can visit my web site by going to . After you have had a chance to visit the site, I would appreciate any comments you might have.

Link to Tandy's web address:

Latest SAM 62 Video

Running the Ohlsson & Rice .60

Slope Soaring Vintage Gliders

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inverted Ohlsonn 60

Here's how Gil Morris installed the O&R .60 in his Albatross

The thirsty engine is fed by two tanks

Front view shows the venturi at 2 o'clock

Huriott Picnic

Hi All You Huriotts,
Photos taken at the picnic.
The group photo is of the children who flew gliders which introduced them to the world of model aviation.  They were given certificates signed by the Plum Brook Director, and our Club President.
Did everybody have a good time? To sum up.  One of Tim Manuella's granddaughter said "Are we going to do this next week".
A good time was had by all, about seventy souls attended.

Bucky gets a ride in a vintage Russian side car.

I wouldn't want to go all the way to Cleveland like this!

Public Scandal!

I paid a visit today to the workshop of Gil Morris, the long time free-flighter and designer of the Kerswap Old Timer. Today, he had a surprise: An electric R/C model of a German Taube.
You'll notice that the proportions are somewhat elongated to make it more like a 3 channel motor glider than a scale or back & forth model.
The wing was made from the same blue foam core that he uses in his F1C folding wing design with a tapered .005 carbon fiber spar top and bottom. The wing is then finished with a vacuum adhered 1.5 oz glass cloth that has the grain oriented at 45° to the cord and span.  It is incredibly rigid.   Weighing in at 17oz, it is 8oz to the square foot.

So far, it has only been test glided.

No landing gear, just 2 wire skids

He drew his own plans and figured out the radio installation better than many who've flown R/C for years.

This Taube by Fred Mulholland from 4 yrs ago was the inspiration.