Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eut and his Corsairs

baby Corsair
I don't believe there is a better performing cabin model, one beat a Bomber in a fly-off and the bomber was flown by a SAM Champion  ~Eut Tileston 

The wine colored one is the Alpha Corsair, plans show a Brown Jr for power. the one in the picture is powered with an Ohlsson 60. The white/yellow one is a Baby Corsair, plans showed a Bantam .19. The green one is a scaled down one to 450 sq in. for the old Ohlsson 23 event.
Gerald Martin's Ohlsson 60 powered Corsair takes off at Eloy, AZ (I built this one)

Here is a picture of my first gas model, Brown Jr. powered. Well not really my first, the first was Flying Quaker, but it was owned jointly with my twin brother (Don).

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