Sunday, August 28, 2011

Public Scandal!

I paid a visit today to the workshop of Gil Morris, the long time free-flighter and designer of the Kerswap Old Timer. Today, he had a surprise: An electric R/C model of a German Taube.
You'll notice that the proportions are somewhat elongated to make it more like a 3 channel motor glider than a scale or back & forth model.
The wing was made from the same blue foam core that he uses in his F1C folding wing design with a tapered .005 carbon fiber spar top and bottom. The wing is then finished with a vacuum adhered 1.5 oz glass cloth that has the grain oriented at 45° to the cord and span.  It is incredibly rigid.   Weighing in at 17oz, it is 8oz to the square foot.

So far, it has only been test glided.

No landing gear, just 2 wire skids

He drew his own plans and figured out the radio installation better than many who've flown R/C for years.

This Taube by Fred Mulholland from 4 yrs ago was the inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

Made about 6 flights Monday. It was very flakey and unstable -- I thought it was just me over-controlling but determined that it was tail heavy in addition to my inexperience. That fan shaped stab doesn't support much. Also discovered that left turn works but right not because, I think, the stab blanks the helical prop wash to the right rudder but not the left rudder. Okay at high speed and in glide.

I have now moved the CG forward from 50% to 45% and added 1.5 degrees incidence to wing and hand launch tests at park now much better and consistant. Will try again Sept 10-11 at Muncie.