Sunday, March 31, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon

I finished up the framing of the wing tips today.

The drawing issue strikes again!  The left tip plans are different than the right tip in the dimensions.

Looks like what I’m seeing is some kind of distortion in the copying of the plans and also where Harry Klarich put the spars and and the spar sizes. Totally different from the plans.

Also, since the leading edge is a piece of ½ x 1” balsa I had to kerf cut it all along to make the bend.


Anyhow,,,,,,,,making some progress.

Jay Burkart 

Saturday, March 30, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon (wing joining)

 Here's where I have the real fun……………SURGERY?  Scalpel…………Hell NO,  we get to use a Radial Arm saw.

Hey you balsa butchers,  I know you're envious!

Another successful Wing bisection………..totally blood-less and just stick in the

Steel rods and it’s all joined back together……………So far the patient is still ALIVE!


Catch the latest is Bisection tools……….a 10” radial arm saw… a little 220V in the right place and there they are?

Jay Burkart 

110% Anderson Pylon

 I finished sheeting the center section and sanded a little.

Next will be surgery for the wing bisection procedure.



Friday 03-29-2024 was a day with light winds and temp in the 40's with sunny conditions.
So, SAM 117 flew at the sod farm late morning.  McIntyre flew his new 36-inch wingspan Tomboy.  It flew well.
Pull pull on the rudder.  Wire in a tube for the elevator.  I took some photos.
A Pyxis GPS Model Tracker in the fuse in case of a fly away.  Airtronix radio.  Hi-Tec servos.  MonoKote.
Jack Hiner

110% Anderson Pylon empennage


This email went before the main wing panel build…..


Since I see your running it in your building board……….Here’s one that you missed………

I sanded and joined the V. Stab to the H. Stab





Got the tail feather nearly ready to mount.

When I build the fuselage I can see how best to mate the feathers to the fuse.

Then I’ll cut the elevators loose and join them with a carbon fiber tube between, also I ‘ll figure out the gap finishing between

The elevators and how to blend it into the fuse.

I’ll also make the H. Stab and V. Stab as a unit removable.  The V. stab will glue into the H. stab socket after covering them.


I also found that the Left part of the drawing of the H. Stab doesn’t match the right half.   I’m spoiled with good drawings.



Thursday, March 28, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon

 Jay Burkart has begun construction on a 110% Anderson Pylon for Jack Hiner for dry Texaco.  Jay spells it with an e as that's the way it appears on the John Pond plans.

I've never been able to find out much about this model.  I don't know when or if it was ever published before it burst onto the Old Timer scene in the 1970s where it was popular in FF and R/C Assist.  People have said that Alva Anderson was a friend of Carl Goldberg's and that they developed the pylon for models together and that he was shot in a parachute over Europe.   I haven't been able to verify this.

Ok Jack (Hiner)

Here you go,  I got some time waiting on my motors for my TWO Pelikan 3 meter builds.

So I built your Vertical Stab and Rudder.   Next will be the H. Stab.


Jays Airplane factory…


Jay Burkart,  President, CEO, Engineering manager, Production Manager, Union Representative and finally Production technician and floor cleaner…….

Not a bad day,


Built all the tail feathers for the Andersen Pylon……


Next will be the Wing, when I get to it…..

The H. Stab was  a pain in the butt….I forgot what it was like to build from poor plans.  

I wonder if Jim O’Reilly ever drew Pylon plans and cleaned them up. Well, at least I didn’t have to cut the ribs


Jays Airplane factory.

Here you go Jack…….


Main panel pasted together.  Needs rear spars,  then second glueing joiner tube reinforcement and plywood shear webs and regular shear webbing, epoxy and micro balloons, sheeting and

Then goes in for the big SAW job……..right down the middle!  I call it a surgical procedure of Wing Bisection……


Then  the tip builds.



The Klarich kit has solid ribs unlike the plans.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Gene Wallock

 I just read in Bob Angel’s Society of Antique Modelers (SAM) 26 current newsletter that my close friend and lifelong free flight modeler Gene Wallock passed away in the morning hours of March 11, 2024 at 90 years of age in Lawton, Oklahoma. He was one of the original members in the California SAN VALEERS MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB and a master at free flight modeling.

I got to know Gene while I served on his SAM Plan Approval Committee for a number of years. He was on my distribution list and read and followed all of my construction reports with great interest. Gene and I had many phone conversations and he often provided me with his opinion on my construction problems. I admired Gene so much and treasured his friendship. I want to share below the only pictures I have of Gene Wallock………………..Tandy Walker

Gene was a great guy—with some firm convictions. I knew him from the old SCIFS=SCAMPS dual contest FF days. He was mainly flying rubber models as I knew him in the 80s and 90s.   


My favorite memory of him was his recounting of  a conversation he had with a management consultant when Gene was a project manager or group leader in some aerospace company in Southern California.  Apparently Gene didn’t think much of the consultant’s recommendations and or interference with Gene’s team.  Finally (with both Gene and the consultant exasperated) the consultant asked Gene, “What would it take to satisfy you?”


Gene’s reply, “Your head on a stake outside my tent in the morning!”   They don’t make many like Gene. 


And of course Gene was an absolutely solid contributor to the SAM movement and to model aviation in general. We’ll all miss him.


Mike Myers

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Garami Strato-Streak


Look what I found in my archives. I'm gonna dust off my Stratostreak and fly in 
Speed 400 event this year! Another different model to fly! Yah let’s see... my
Twin Cyke, Record Hound, Anderson, Stratostreak, Buzzard Bombshell and
Anything else I can find in basement!? Yipes gonna be lotsa FUN!!!! 

Glen Poole

Friday, March 8, 2024

We went flying yesterday in a.m.Ccool but NO wind!! Wowee. Jack knows the Weather?? My Floater old time sailplane flies and glides great. Slow and stable And the small AXI motor on the nose pulls it nicely! Meagan had his Hobby King Jr. sport model; flies well too. Jack took photos of my Anderson fuselage and the hatches and construction of the pylon. He leaves for Jay's today with strip wood and kit as supplies for the enlarged Anderson Pylon. Finally gonna get done? Yahoo! I fitted the cowl to the firewall on my Record Hound. Fits like a glove! Perfect fit between your cowl and Holman plans and semikit looks great too. Thanks Man!!!! Thermals Glen Poole