Saturday, March 30, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon empennage


This email went before the main wing panel build…..


Since I see your running it in your building board……….Here’s one that you missed………

I sanded and joined the V. Stab to the H. Stab





Got the tail feather nearly ready to mount.

When I build the fuselage I can see how best to mate the feathers to the fuse.

Then I’ll cut the elevators loose and join them with a carbon fiber tube between, also I ‘ll figure out the gap finishing between

The elevators and how to blend it into the fuse.

I’ll also make the H. Stab and V. Stab as a unit removable.  The V. stab will glue into the H. stab socket after covering them.


I also found that the Left part of the drawing of the H. Stab doesn’t match the right half.   I’m spoiled with good drawings.



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