Thursday, March 28, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon

 Jay Burkart has begun construction on a 110% Anderson Pylon for Jack Hiner for dry Texaco.  Jay spells it with an e as that's the way it appears on the John Pond plans.

I've never been able to find out much about this model.  I don't know when or if it was ever published before it burst onto the Old Timer scene in the 1970s where it was popular in FF and R/C Assist.  People have said that Alva Anderson was a friend of Carl Goldberg's and that they developed the pylon for models together and that he was shot in a parachute over Europe.   I haven't been able to verify this.

Ok Jack (Hiner)

Here you go,  I got some time waiting on my motors for my TWO Pelikan 3 meter builds.

So I built your Vertical Stab and Rudder.   Next will be the H. Stab.


Jays Airplane factory…


Jay Burkart,  President, CEO, Engineering manager, Production Manager, Union Representative and finally Production technician and floor cleaner…….

Not a bad day,


Built all the tail feathers for the Andersen Pylon……


Next will be the Wing, when I get to it…..

The H. Stab was  a pain in the butt….I forgot what it was like to build from poor plans.  

I wonder if Jim O’Reilly ever drew Pylon plans and cleaned them up. Well, at least I didn’t have to cut the ribs


Jays Airplane factory.

Here you go Jack…….


Main panel pasted together.  Needs rear spars,  then second glueing joiner tube reinforcement and plywood shear webs and regular shear webbing, epoxy and micro balloons, sheeting and

Then goes in for the big SAW job……..right down the middle!  I call it a surgical procedure of Wing Bisection……


Then  the tip builds.



The Klarich kit has solid ribs unlike the plans.

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