Saturday, September 26, 2020

Streamlining a Bomber

 Norm Poti's Bomber with some streamlining.   The cowl is seldom seen but was sketched on the original plan.   Years ago, I read that "sliver wheels" were verboten in SAM Australia contests.  Should he replace that draggy wheel collar with a soldered washer?

Friday, September 25, 2020

From Canada


The plans for the Anderson and Diamond Zipper and the cowl are on the way.  Be very careful with the Zipper plans, they are very old, and a few people have used them. Carl Goldberg was a friend. Whenever I went through Chicago, if I didn't stop to see him, when he found out, I heard about it. When I asked him about the Zipper, and how John Pond called it Gas Bird, he had no Idea, how Pond came to call it that. Let me know when you get them; put my mind at rest. Sending some pictures of what were doing here. Hope you get them all, not too good with stuff. 
Chuck Schooley
1937 Lanzo R/C Stick

Lanzo Record Breaker
Taibi Powerhouse

Col. Bowdon's Comet. Circa 1934 or 1935.  I got a 3 view of it.  It was about 40 in. span 300 sq.,  0r so.  I scaled it up to 1260, for a Super Tigre 56, for antique class.  It also came as a cabin job.. same wing and stab. .Fus. and rudder different. I built both. Took the shoulder wing to Fort Wayne for a contest. They would not let me fly it, as you know antique has to weigh at least 5 lb. The plane only weighs 4 lb. Nice flying plane .  Chuck

Friday, September 11, 2020

Flying Circuits ~ Ft. Wayne, Indiana


Korff Professor

Shereshaw Champion

J'EN diesel powered Anderson Pylon
Arse breather
Glen Poole with this Winter's project
Glen with a new friend
Norm Poti's ST.29 Bomber

Professor climbs out