Friday, September 11, 2020

Flying Circuits ~ Ft. Wayne, Indiana


Korff Professor

Shereshaw Champion

J'EN diesel powered Anderson Pylon
Arse breather
Glen Poole with this Winter's project
Glen with a new friend
Norm Poti's ST.29 Bomber

Professor climbs out

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Friday, September 4, 2020

Midwest Camps for 2020

The 2020 SAM Champs has been cancelled. It was a difficult decision to make, but in the end, it looks like the best way forward. Our plans are to have the SAM Champs at the AMA site in 2021 in Muncie. The Midwest and Tennessee SAM groups were particularly disappointed with this year's decision for which the Covid-19 pandemic takes most of the blame. On a positive note, many SAM members have stepped up and offered to volunteer their assistance in 2021.

At the Fort Wayne contest this past June, the very active SAM 28 volunteered to host a Midwest SAM Champs Sept 9th and 10th at their beautiful flying site. In previous years, a Midwest Champs was made available to modelers unwilling to make the trek to Vegas. For many of us in this part of the county, this is a golden opportunity to replace the 2020 SAM Champs with a two day contest. Fort Wayne has a wonderful flying site and it is beautifully groomed. There is an asphalt runway and grass flying field. The club house is first class with plenty of room to eat lunch or catch up with old friends. There is also a campground as part of the property. With the campground and outdoor seating at the clubhouse we can mitigate our exposure to Covid-19 . While no one can predict the weather this far out, the dates chosen have historically been excellent; any later and things start to get foul around here. The Old Fort Flyers are very gracious hosts and would like to see as many of out of town flyers as possible come and participate. Flyers this past June experienced some minor inconveniences with respects to restaurants and lodging. We will be monitoring this situation between now and the contest date. The campgroup should remain unaffected.

Tom Boice

1/4 Scale Fairchild 24R by Jay Burkart

 I got the landing gear finished and she's up on wheels with  a functional suspension…

Next is to mount the wheel pants, as soon as I figure it out; to look scale…….

This sprung landing gear was hard to figure out and make it scale…Got to do a lot of streamline airfoil work all around it.


Jay Burkart 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Model Visibility

Some new tests in model visibility

Flying models at high altitudes in clear, blue, featureless skies presents many difficulties.  Contrasting colors and polarized glasses help, but no solution is perfect.  And, what works in the blue sky may not help when it's cloudy.

Next week, we will test Blackest Black.  This stuff is so flat, it turns 3D objects flat.

This wing is covered with orange silk on the top and black silk on the bottom.  It looks grey and would be excellent if I was trying to camouflage the model in the air.   White was added to the dihedral break and there was no improvement.  But now take a look at the very tip.  A single coat of Blackest Black 2.0 and no light gets through.

How much better can Black 3.0 be?


Flamingo, Playboy Seniors, Bomber, Airtronics Q-Tee