Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Model Visibility

Some new tests in model visibility

Flying models at high altitudes in clear, blue, featureless skies presents many difficulties.  Contrasting colors and polarized glasses help, but no solution is perfect.  And, what works in the blue sky may not help when it's cloudy.

Next week, we will test Blackest Black.  This stuff is so flat, it turns 3D objects flat.

This wing is covered with orange silk on the top and black silk on the bottom.  It looks grey and would be excellent if I was trying to camouflage the model in the air.   White was added to the dihedral break and there was no improvement.  But now take a look at the very tip.  A single coat of Blackest Black 2.0 and no light gets through.

How much better can Black 3.0 be?

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