Saturday, May 28, 2011

Laser Cut Gaskets

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enya .15 Diesel

A motor made for the A-Texaco event?
from the Australian Control Line News

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tom Thumb


Some photos of my Bambi .009 powered Tom Thumb taken last Saturday at the Skyscrapers monthly record trial. Designed by
the late Vic Smeed in 1957 for the new Allbon Bambi, it is actually a 2/3 size Tomboy and it flies just like it's big brother.

Dave Acton

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fix for Galahad

Model doesn't appear to have any warps and is straight with the exception of a lot of right thrust. Still, it goes left in climb and glide.

Hi Tom,

Photos show the balsa trailing edge attached to the wing which made the model fly straight. Also after it was Monokoted.
I added some more wing cushion to lower the angle between the wing and the stab: hopefully the climbing will be decreased
Also reduced the stab trim which I put in with the Quick Link.
Soon as the wind and the rain subsides I will fly it again and see if the changes made a difference.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Demoiselle by Freddie Mulholland

Hi Tom,
Thought you would like to add this model to the Building Board also. It is the 1910 Demoiselle designed by Alberto Santos-Dumont. This is my second Sig Kit.  It will be followed later by the Sig kit of the Antoinette thus by then I will have built all three of the Sig 1909-1910 era models. 
Note: The full-size Demoiselle was sold as a kit and was the first airplane to be kitted.  It weighed less than 300 pounds ready to fly.

Laser cut Valkyrie

R/C Groups built thread here

Friday, May 6, 2011

Stooge for Albatross


Fred Mulholland's Piranha flying boat and Bucky Walter's two Quick Oats inspired me to photo my latest creation -- a new bigger, better stooge for my Albatross and Comet Clipper.

My old stooge was similar but last time out the Albatross managed to skip out of it after I had started the Ohlsson 60. I was walking around the wing tip toward the tail end when it jumped out. I grabbed the wing tip and suddenly I was going round and round like with a discus glider and was about to let it go when the engine stopped. I thought I would die! Take care.

Gil Moris

I'll never forget the day the Albatross broke loose from its stooge, I grabbed the wing tip and the Ohlsson 60 peaked and I was twirling at the rate of 27369.28 rpm loosing 17.365 pounds per second for what seemed minutes but really 12 seconds, my spine was winding and all disks slipped and DNA transmuted into a helical tad pole 911....SOS....411....may d !!!!!!!.........

Hi Thomas,
I noticed a camouflaged Galahad which was a model produced in England years ago.
Well the Galahad was one of my first RC models ( and I still have it - a bit patched up ) I flew it with a Cox .09, various 1.5 cc. diesels etc.
I even built a version with ailerons and a .40 engine with which I had fun flying nearby my house and on football fields.
I'm hoping to give flying lessons to a grandson of Viana (my wife), he's very keen on the idea but his father really isn't.
At this moment my old Galahad has a Webra 1.5 diesel in it.
Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories.
Nick Brushi

5/5/2011 Flying at Plum Brook

Today's photos from an informal gathering of the Huriotts at their Plum Brook flying field in Sandusky, OH.

$#@&%! NASA has my name backwards