Friday, May 6, 2011

Stooge for Albatross


Fred Mulholland's Piranha flying boat and Bucky Walter's two Quick Oats inspired me to photo my latest creation -- a new bigger, better stooge for my Albatross and Comet Clipper.

My old stooge was similar but last time out the Albatross managed to skip out of it after I had started the Ohlsson 60. I was walking around the wing tip toward the tail end when it jumped out. I grabbed the wing tip and suddenly I was going round and round like with a discus glider and was about to let it go when the engine stopped. I thought I would die! Take care.

Gil Moris

I'll never forget the day the Albatross broke loose from its stooge, I grabbed the wing tip and the Ohlsson 60 peaked and I was twirling at the rate of 27369.28 rpm loosing 17.365 pounds per second for what seemed minutes but really 12 seconds, my spine was winding and all disks slipped and DNA transmuted into a helical tad pole 911....SOS....411....may d !!!!!!!.........

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