Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick Oats 4

Hi Tom,

Had a busy day finding out how to use Aero Film. It comes in a plastic bag folded up into a small rectangle. It measures 11 inches by 27 1/4 inches with a plastic film backing. My learning experiences are as follows:

Use a very sharp blade for cutting and trimming the material. I started with a new # 11 X-Acto blade. It sometimes ripped or tore the film. Switched to a über knife and things became a whole lot easier.

Use the low setting on the Top Flight trim iron for ironing the film around open structures like the wing, stab and rudder.
Set your iron for 250 degrees F for taking out the wrinkles.
Set you iron for 280 degrees F for taking out very bad wrinkles.
I use my 40 year old Coverite thermometer for checking the settings shown in the photos for the Coverite iron.

Removing the film backing required making a 45 degree slit at a corner and carefully peeling the film back. A lot of patience is required to remove the film backing.

Aero film is very light and sometimes folds back on itself. Then a lot more patience is required to peel it back off of itself.

The Aero Film blends in very well when lapping it at a joint. Almost impossible to see the seam.

Trimming with Aero Film: use the trim iron on the trim material you are attaching. Using the Coverite iron covers too much area. I preferred to use the Top Flight trim iron.

Waiting for the motor, wheels and radio equipment to arrive to complete the project.

Bucky Walter

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RJ said...

To remove the backing from AeroFilm and CoverLite... I use two pieces of masking tape with a small pull-tab folded in them. Apply a piece to each side near a corner. Pull apart and the film will easily separate from the backing.