Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hi Bucky,
I saw your info on Tom Ryan's website so I thought I would send you some pictures of my latest models.  It looks like you have become addicted to little dinky models.  Well, the affliction must be catching because I have recently completed a little indoor electric model but first the story of my latest big one, a scratch built 6' span Piranha flying boat designed by Don McGovern in 1966.  It's powered by a OS60 2-stroke. Once we got the water handling bugs worked out it flew beautifully.  The fuselage is planked and covered with silk and dope.  The wings and tail surfaces are covered with transparant Ultracote.
And now about my dinky model, it's a 1910 Deperdussin built from a Sig kit.  It's mainly for indoor flying but it can be flown outdoors on very calm days from a hard surface as it is recommended that power is used both for take-offs and landings.  I haven't had an opportunity to fly it indoors but it did fly quite well off the paved track of a nearby school yard.  Sig also kits the Damosielle and the Antoinette both of which I have on hand.  The Damosielle is nearing completion.  All three may end up as ornaments.  I can tell you one thing about these kits they are well put together and the instruction books are good however some of the parts are so tiny and the methods shown to put them together requires a magnifying glass at times.
Keep in touch.
PS  I hope you can open these. Barbara


Glenn said...

I have just ordered plans for the McGovern Piranha. Yours looks fantastic. What modifications did you make to improve the water handling?

Anonymous said...

Tried to send you an answer but it didn't go through. Contact me at fredbarb1@verizon.net and I will answer your questions.
Fred M