Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Euro SAM Champs ~ San Marino

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Wright Flyer

From Radical R/C, a model that performs better than the original ever did!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

PAL Model Products

Laser cutting!!

Tom I wanted to alert you and the folks on your Website that we at PAL Model products are now ready to deliver again the famous Blue Ridge Models "Square Eagle P-30"!
    This kit was one of the most satisfyingly, pre-fabricated, P-30 "Built-Ups" and was also a fabulous Beginner's first Rubber Job!
    We exercised some liberty and "Laser-Cut" the fuselage sides and added some reinforcements to the sides but that's all the changes we've made from the kit Phil Hartman, of Asheville NC, produced for so long!
    Phil made an arrangement for PAL to pick up the old "Blue Ridge Models" line of free flight designs! We currently market the following:
        *  The full plan and building instructions (only) for the famous "Blue Ridge "COUPE""   $6.00 PP
            ( Outstanding design for "Small Field Unlimited")
        *   A.The "Square Eagle P-30" sells for $35.00 with a P&H charge of $5.00
            B. Club Deal  - Five (5) "Square Eagle P-30" kits $150. with a P&H charge of $7.00 
       NEW "CLEAR-VIEW" Tank Bottoms for ALL K&B "Infant" .020's
    Im also very happy to tell you we are now making a "Clear-View" K&B Infant tank bottom that allows you to finally SEE just how much fuel is in the tank before you launch a model!! 
    This is a wonderful aid and I'm flying much more than I used to because the threat of losing that Precious "Infant" is past!!
    It fits all "PAL INFANT .020"'s and all of the ORIGINAL .020's. It actually is a simple replacement!!
    I'm kicking myself for not thinking what a "BOON" this is and could have been!!
    Well they're available right now for $4.50 each PP  and if you buy a few at a time they'll only cost an additional $3.00 each! 
     I'd get one for every "INFANT .020" I own!! 
    We take Cash, Checks (ship after clear), and "PayPal"
    Tom, I'll keep you posted as the kit line progresses and we will have  some more "PAL Tank" announcements for FreeFlighters after the "US NATS"
    Bob "Bobbylang" Langelius, SR.
    PAL Model Products
    32 Clinton Street
    White Plains, NY 10603

Clear tanks!
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Ready for shipment
Dave Acton (the 'A' in PAL) with Phil Hartman in Asheville
The best paper airplane?

Thermal Magnet

A Ray Heit Thermal Magnet originally built by Dick Thompson of Imlay City, Michigan for the Brown Jr. Event and now powered by an Mvvs .15

Friday, June 17, 2011

NASA tour

Hi Guys,
Brian Willis had a small group of students on a NASA tour of Plum Brook followed by the students launching model rockets.  Brian brought the students to watch some of the R/C flying by the Huriotts.
Some videos and photos are on the Huriotts web site.
Take a look:

Bucky Walter

Monday, June 6, 2011


A very clever system from the MPI website.