Monday, February 28, 2011

Herb Kothe

Awaiting a higher resolution shot... Here is Mister Rubber caught in the act of flying a 1/2A Texaco ship with RADIO CONTROL

Motor testbed

The latest testbed design selected by PAL Model Products for their repro engines.   The Forray.

Czech Old Timers

From Volar Libremente 

Click here for the slide show.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Latowski Shop in Battlecreek, Michigan

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Here's a few pics.  Recovering my V-tail Swallow right now.  My drill press, scroll saw, belt sander and disc sander behind the bench.  Cupboards on right contain all my dopes, glues etc..  the view from behind my bench to the TV area.  Many tool boxes.  And my "Hanger" of a few planes.  I sent you a pic of the Nomad in its final state before covering.  Will put the whole package together as soon as I can.  And  pic of tmy first Coyote shot this morning by me.  First trip and first coyote.  Good dogs make the whole difference.  Let me know if you would like try it.  It's a blast!  Talk to you soon.  Andy Latowski 

Pilot Figures

Best Pilots link.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spekrum DSMX (now everyone is hopping!)

More info here.

More from David Acton


Re: the Dallaire Sportster:  Once the warps were out of the wing, trimming was no problem. White dope (Aerogloss ) went over it with no problem.

 I am attaching photos of my Big John O.M.T. also covered in red silk with white trim. I was partial to that color scheme for a while ( I had a lot of red
silk and white dope ). Powered with an Enya TV III, I flew it almost every weekend for 4 years. I sold it sans radio and engine when I got
back into freeflight.

Dave Acton

Brooklyn Skyscrapers

ANOTHER Goldberg Valkyrie!

This one is from a laser cut kit!

The build log is here.
The Valkyrie built by "Franny" is here.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"We even sell dope!"

I didn't know that I was in for such as pleasant surprise when I walked in the door of Radical R/C just across the street from the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH.  It is a real hobby shop that in my travels is only rivaled by the now defunct Tony and Addie's of Burbank, CA.

Campbells and Ben Buckle kits, ancient hardware, and nice balsa stocked the shelves.  Prices were competitive enough for me to rethink mail order.   Best of all, the store was staffed by real modelers who were actually building some of the laser kits they produce!

Hello Thomas,

Dave enjoyed talking with you today. Please find attached the photos of our shop.


Radical RC
5339 Huberville Ave
Dayton, OH 45431-1250
#937-256-7727 Voice

Where the excitement is building!