Friday, February 25, 2011

Latowski Shop in Battlecreek, Michigan

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Here's a few pics.  Recovering my V-tail Swallow right now.  My drill press, scroll saw, belt sander and disc sander behind the bench.  Cupboards on right contain all my dopes, glues etc..  the view from behind my bench to the TV area.  Many tool boxes.  And my "Hanger" of a few planes.  I sent you a pic of the Nomad in its final state before covering.  Will put the whole package together as soon as I can.  And  pic of tmy first Coyote shot this morning by me.  First trip and first coyote.  Good dogs make the whole difference.  Let me know if you would like try it.  It's a blast!  Talk to you soon.  Andy Latowski 

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