Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jay Burkart's Airborn 1600 Assembly Line

Thought I would do a building blog with details on the three new Airborns.
You may be interested!
 Also you can follow it on my Building Blog,

I have been building fuselage sides for the last several days.
Cutting this lumber in this fuselage requires sawing each piece as a knife nor razor blade
can't cut through this lumber.
And there is a lot of cutting and fitting of all the longerons, uprights, gussets etc.
Right now I have 4 side completed and the 5th is on the board.
With variance in wood sizes you can't really cut all the parts and just fit it together.
Each side is unique and has to be fit together.
I should have the side done and ready to sand in a day or two.
My Dremel saw and 12" sander are my best tools.
Also the pieces are so thick that you can't build one side on top of the other.
Keeping busy,
Jay Burkart

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