Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tandy Walker's Model Room (Arlington, TX) part 2

This is the window on the south wall of the model room. That is a tray of balsa strips and sheet wood at the bottom. Also notice the long horizontal picture between the pith helmet and stop watch. I found this picture rolled up in some of my mother's things after she passed away.

 Here is a close up of that picture. It was taken at a contest on August 15, 1950 out at the Two-Lakes Airport in Oklahoma City. If you read my book on Ray Matthews and his free flight designs, you will recognize all of these modeler's names as they were mentioned in the book. The two most noteworthy of course is Ray Matthew's himself and Gene Jackman who was the national junior champion at the Dallas nationals the very next year............................Tandy

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John A Sullivan said...

With respect to Mr. Walkers and Mr. Davidson's nice clean workshops, I must say I was a slob. Tom Ryan made a trip to Raleigh to pick up a airplane to fly to somewhere, of course he had his digital camera, now I am taking the photos of the re-do the walls are up the grid is up next will be the floor, and then clean and nice Mr. Hinson will be so happy withj the re-do. John A Sullivan