Saturday, April 25, 2009

Danish Protest Rocket

Here's a Rocket from those crazy Danes. LINK

Sunday, April 5, 2009

George Reich's Albatross prototype

One day, George showed up at the flying field with some photos of the prototype to his famous Albatross gas model of 1940. He was strongly influenced by the theories of Charles Hampson Grant, particularly when it came to the importance of a low Center of Lateral Area for spiral stability. The photos bear this out. Note the faired in landing gear.

After starting the process that got the prototype of the Kerswap approved (twin finned model published in SAM Speaks), I hinted at doing the same for this model. The self-effacing George would have none of it and said he wouldn't show the pictures again as he feared my plans might embarrass him if he was credited with such an "ugly" design especially when compared with the final model.

I was sure the photos were lost forever when they didn't turn up after his death in his album. But, after much searching, his daughter Kathy Shank has found them.

In this last photo, George shows off an old design that is not his own--
a fossilized fish at Bucky Walter's annual Modelers Show & Tell (2007)