Monday, January 17, 2011

Scaled Lanzo RC-1 with K&B .40 Rear Rotor

Under construction now is a 900 square inch Lanzo RC-1 being built from a B&W Model Hobbies laser partial kits.


Lou Tisch said...

Looking great. I have a friend who picked one up at a swap meet and we're trying to figure out the CG as it seems very tail heavy. Any idea where the CG is supposed to be?
Thanks much,
Lou Tisch
NL editor

Tom Ryan said...

35-40%. We only flew it twice successfully. Third flight had a lockout.

Unknown said...

How many ounces does this plane weigh, because of all that framework put into the back side of the fuselage and tail section, I'm not surprised that it seems tail heavy.

Tom Ryan said...

63 ounces, which is the minimum allowable weight.

The plane doesn't exist any more. Third flight it came straight into the pavement with a Spektrum 2.4 Lockout