Thursday, March 31, 2011

The PAL Imp

Bobby Lang's latest venture. The PAL Model Products Imp .020 cu. in. diesel prototype has proven to be exceptionally easy to handle for
an engine of this size. It will swing a wide range of props from 4.2X2 right on up to 7X4. It features easy radial mounting ( 2 screws )
and an integral fuel tank which will be available in different capacities and also clear. An R/C carburetor is also planed. Stay tuned.

Dave Acton

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Unknown said...

I made the first prototype. I knew from the beginning the crankcase with the spacer was not going to be up to the job. Bobby Lang disagreed. The one or two threads holding the cylinder to the case gave up and blew the cylinder off the case. Bobby saw the light and agreed that the case needed to be one piece without the spacer to handle the pressure of a Diesel!
Bob Lipori