Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick Oats 2

Hi Tom,
The kit is excellent.  The laser cut parts are the best I have seen.  The parts are almost a perfect fit. The name of the model fits.  It goes together Quickly.
Found one error in the Manual on page 7, step 18 for the wing.  It refers to W3 sub spar.  There is no W3 sub spar in the wing.
I added additional pieces of balsa under the wing tips for added strength and to fare it out better for covering.
Also added a piece of balsa to the main spar in the center section of the wing.  During construction I cracked the main spar.  It is easy to do if you hurry the construction.
One of the photos show how crisp and clean the laser parts come out of the sheet wood.

Bucky Walter

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