Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Stevens Aero FREDe 2X (part 1)

Hi Tom,

 The FREDe 2X arrived a few days ago by Priority Mail safe and sound.  I was finishing up a Trainermaster by Early RC Models for Chris Guss. It is Christmas morning and I was able to open the box for the FREDe 2X. Everything was there as per the manual. This is going to be quite interesting building a wing and fuselage with no plans. The simplest parts have plans: rudder and stab. There are 42 sheets of laser cut parts plus an illustrated instruction manual. This model should keep me busy this winter.


Steven's FREDe is a cartoon homage to Eric Clutton's homebuilt aeroplane named FRED (an acronym for Flying Runabout Experimental Design).  


Looks like they threw in a hat

Doesn't look much like Clutton
 Needs a parakeet on the head

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Unknown said...

does it come with a plan? im thinking of building a larger scale based on its profile. it would be appreciated if you could send some details. thank you in advance