Sunday, April 29, 2012

Willie's Back!

I have some good news ! Willie is back, safe and sound. I spent a week distributing fliers in the Nashville area with no luck, then someone suggested CraigsList. I found out what that was and made up a very descriptive ad, offering $50 reward. That was Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon I got a phone call from people at Murfreesboro (about midway between here and Nashville) saying they had him. Description two white spots on his head and he talked with a Brit accent ! I went up there to collect him, not really believing it until I got there, but it was Willie alright. He apparently flew through the thick woods when he disappeared and came out at an unfamiliar place. Not being able to find me, he went to someone else for help and they took him home to Murf where they already had a female parakeet ( I should have such luck ! ) I'm sure that without the $50 reward they would have kept him because they said they would put it toward another bird but Willie was easily worth that to me. He sat on my hat and studied me all the way back on the 40 minute drive and when we got into town here he started to recognise places. When I opened the car door to get out he shot off for the front door and when I opened it he made a beeline for his own little house. I trimmed his wings a little and it hasn't affected his flying but his rate of climb is reduced ! Now he doesn't like me getting more than six feet away from him. The impossible done immediately, miracles take a little longer ! ERIC CLUTTON
Clearly, Willie needs to learn his address:

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What a bird!