Tuesday, April 2, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon (joining the wing tips)

 I got the wing tips joined to the center on your Andersen Pylon……….

Have to put the transition ribs in and sheet the wing next.   The ribs as they are cut really have created problems.

I am cussing this model a lot, won’t be building another one of these.

I wonder if Jim O’Reilly drew and Holman cut a version of this model?

Jay Burkart 


Holman has the plans and short kit for the original 90-inch version.  I think this is what Glen used for his build.
You are doing a great job.  Thanks.
Jack Hiner

Glen Poole

No, O'Reilly didn't draw this model and the kit from Holman uses the same John Pond plan.   I suspect he did a better job plotting the ribs.  There is a nice 50% Anderson Pylon plan on Outerzone.  Perhaps, doubling this one would be a better idea.

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Jay Burkart said...

If Bob Holman cut a kit for this, then someone had to have redrawn the plans as his laser cutter requires CAD plans to make a cutting guide.
Did Glen have problems with the wing?
Jay Burkart