Saturday, April 6, 2024

110% Anderson Pylon

 Getting ready to build the fuselage sides. Plans laid out and double layer of wax paper in place.

Fuselage verticals are all cut already and sanded to same length and angles, I find it far more accurate on this type of fuselage build from experience on Lazo Bomber builds.

Longerons are soaking in straight Windex for a day or two to make the bend at the front of the fuselage.  Hard 3/8 balsa longerons won’t make the bend without steaming or soaking.

I hope that after the side are built it will stay flexible enough to make the same bend when I join the built sides.


Also capped with 1/16 ply the root ribs of each wing half and sanded them to conform to the end ribs.



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