Sunday, July 18, 2010

Strato-Streak part 1

Foxacoy plan by Jim O'Reilly for

The Strato-Streak will be the design for the 2011 SAM Champs

Seen at the 2010 Champs (1/2A Texaco)
A Strato Streak flown by Aerodyne's Al Heinrich

Bud Romak with an Elfin powered StratoStreak

An example of the Strato Streak as built by Bruno Chiaranti of SAM Italia  for 1/2A Texaco

A later day version found while googling images


Unknown said...

Tom, can I swipe some of your art for the new Champs 2011 web pages? I will put in a link to your site and give you credit.

Dave Hardng

Tom Ryan said...

Anything you want

Tommy Gray said...

Hi There,

The picture of the red trimmed 1/2A Texaco Strato-Streak is of my model I built for the 2009 Champs and did not get to fly until 2010. It is covered with Polyspan.

Tommy Gray
SAM Secretary