Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Texaco Foote Westerner (scaled up A version) Part 1

Several years ago, this 'A' Westerner was scaled up with two fuselages by John Hatch of Canada. The first fuselage was to permit the model to be flown in the Ohlsson .23 event and was therefore fitted with an O&R23 sideport. Subsequent rule changes would forbid scaling of models for this event so the fuselage remained unused in my basement for some time.

The model was flown, however, in 'A Texaco' fitted with an Mvvs .15 and the sliding/fuel line disconnect mechanism seen attached to the engine lug. The model would get so high that this was employed every time it was flown even though we were using, by now, the smaller 8cc tank.

At the 2006 SAM Champs, the model was hit by radio interference and made an abrupt hammerhead from about 500ft into the pavement after an otherwise very docile climb out.

The O&R fuselage was refitted with the Mvvs .15 and a new wing (this time the approved extended wing) was framed up by Bucky Walter which awaits covering. The original construction is a little too flimsy for iron on films, so F.X. Ryan has added the diagonals seen above. The model will also be equipped with a new Spektrum 2.4 gHZ receiver this time.

Note also that there were three distinct Foote Westerners in the Old Timer period (the Foote Racer and Soarer are nostalgia models). This one differs from the more common 'C' Westerner seen here and here which has been scaled up and down in the following ways:

1. Higher aspect ratio wing (in either length)
2. Thinner airfoil
3. Undercambered stabilizer
4. Taller fin

Nostalgia Foote Racer

Aug 31, 2012 update
The plan for the A version is now being sold by Jim O'Reilly

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Unknown said...

I also built an extended wing A for 1/2 Texaco
What winspan d'you have for the .15 MVS ?
Bruno Chiaranti
SAM 62 Italy