Friday, June 1, 2018

For Sale

I have admired Maurice Schoenbrun’s Rocketeer “A” for a number of years and even bought the plans back then. In November of 2014 I finally started building the Rocketeer A as an electric powered R/C ship. The project took me 6-1/2 months to complete and it is an extremely well built model and fully documented in a series of 116 construction reports. After a series of flight tests, I dialed in the CG, got the model trimmed, and learned how to fly it and what fun model it is to fly.
However since I have run completely out of space in the model room, I have selected the Rocketeer A to sell. The project summary is presented below for your review. Sue and I are planning to attend the SAM Champs this year and I can bring it with us to the buyer. For anyone interested in buying this model, please contact me offline…………………Tandy Walker

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