Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goldberg Eagle 2 part I

Hi Guys,
Jim Keppler gave this Carl Goldberg Kit to me Sunday at the annual SAM 39 party.  It is Wednesday and the photos show what I got built.
 Notice all the scrap lite ply that was left over from punching out the parts.
 I am bolting the wing on verses rubber banding the wing on.
 Notice the 1/8 dowels used to pegged the hardwood cross piece for screwing the 4/40 nylon bolts into to hold the wing.
 How about that 5/16 dowel for the leading edge.
 More photos to follow.
See what an old man can do when the weather is very windy; plus a lot of CA glue.


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Unknown said...

Nice airplane I still have mine powered with a K&B40 Kraft single stick nice round and round bird. John A Sullivan