Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Flight of Bob Aberle's Lanzo Cabin Stick

Yesterday I managed my first flight session with my new 200 square inch, 7.2 ounce 1937 Lanzo RC Cabin Stick Champion model. It flew just great and needed no trim at all. CG ended up at 30% back. At close to 40 watts input power my power loading is in excess of 75 watts/pound. That means I can fly for 15 minutes or more at only half throttle. The battery is a two cell 750, the motor is an E-Flite PARK-250. Prop a GWS 6 X 3.

Took me about 4 days to construct. The fuselage sticks are 1/8 X 7/16 hard balsa reinforced with .007 inch thick X 1/4 inch wide carbon fiber tape. The cabin sides were made flat. They don't project out as did Chet's original.

Photos attached!

Bob Aberle

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