Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cleveland Fleetster

While a few pillars of the SAM movement look down upon this new-fangled electric flim-flammery with disdain and abhorrence, the rest of us are enjoying the heck out flying SAM-legal electric planes! In particular, the smaller 1/2A Texaco and Class A ships are well-suited for electric power without landing you in the poorhouse. Gone are the days of calling upon the dark gods of the underworld to aid you in the start-up and running of Cox 049 engines. Now you just plug the battery into the plane and give it a toss! No slimy cleanup chores either. Here are a couple pictures of the 1939 Cleveland Fleetster designed by none other than Joe Elgin of Playboy fame. This plane is powered by an E-Flite Park 400 and 3-cell, 600 mah li-po battery pack. The Fleetster weighs in at 16 oz full up and was built just for fun-flying. Mike Fields, Editor at Large SAM 1 Model Museum Flying Club

The Joe Elgin designed Cleveland Fleetster as built by Eut Tileston.

This electric Freeflight version of the Baby Fleetster 32 was built by Bucky Walter.

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