Saturday, July 18, 2009

Foxacoy Powerhouse part 3

More photos. The wing has three coats of nitrate and is waiting for the 50/50 mixture of Duco cement and nitrate dope on the undercambered ribs. I am going to silk the model, white on the wing and stab and black on the fuselage and rudder. I ran out of my favorite covering material - Polyspan. Gene Wallock told me (ordered me) to use acetone to attach the silk to the framework.
Some sanding required on the stab and rudder before covering.
Gene told me to split the hard 1/4 inch square balsa for the longerons with a band saw to make the bending a whole lot easier. Also insert 1/32 balsa to take up the space made by the band saw blade. Insert the 1/32 balsa perpendicular to the workbench and then make the required bends. After making the bends glue with thin CA. Cut and sand the excess 1/32 balsa. This was a really good suggestion by Gene. It was slick as snot on a door knob.
Notice the Tee Dee 020 on the plans. Tom had the plans blown up from Gene Wallock's 020 plan of the Powerhouse published in Model Builder Magazine back in 1974.
Next big job is finishing off the fuselage.

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