Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YO- HO 1955 1/2 A model

Hi Guys,
The weather is terrible for flying. So the next best thing is to build a model. The YO - HO was designed by A.J. Phillips and plans are in the October 1955 Flying Models.
The model will be a gift for Tom Ryan and his four young friends he takes to the AMA Nats every year.
Of course there will be a lot of checkerboard tissue , which Tom gave me, on the YO - HO.
Covering is about to start. Photos of the completed covered model to follow.


I think that design the fellow is building for you and your boys was designed by Art Phillips of the "Galeville Gang" !! Art passed away a couple of years back but he surely was a "Pisser"
Love to all

Bobby Langelius

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