Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flying at Shelby Airport 24 June 2009

Six guys made to the airport:
Gil Morris, Bucky Walter, Jim Keppler, Cliff Riedel, Mike Kalish & Ted Williams.
It was a hot day with very low winds and drift. Gil check out his folding wing model for the up coming world champs. Sorry no photos.
Jim flew his California Champ. It flew very well.
Cliff had to wait for a little breeze to fly his gliders. The Breeze never came and Cliff did not get a flying time.
Bucky made glider test with his Buccaneer and a few attempts at low power. The Buccaneer needs some right thrust and shimming up the trailing edge of the stab about 1/4 inch. Sorry no photos. But made a few R/C flights with the Citabria.
Mike and Ted came to watch.
Your Reporter,
Bucky Walter

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