Thursday, June 18, 2009

1/2A Yo-Ho part II

Hi Guys,
Thought you would like to see the Checkerboard tissue I pasted on with the Avery glue stick. No dope. Used the glue stick on the bare balsa wood, then stuck the tissue on the balsa wood. Been doing that for many years. The checkerboard tissue requires you spray the dope on. Using a foam brush could cause the checkerboard to smear
Took a break to grill some Bucky Burgers on my new Webra Grill. That Black & Decker stand I use to run my engines on. Also holds a bottle of beer nicely.
Plan on pasting checkerboard tissue on the wing and the stab. Plus painting the nose & stab supports red.
More photos to follow.


Just wanted to tell you that the Yo Ho was designed by a Skyscraper who died about

3 years ago. My new Tomboy flys great with a new Indian Mills. Fuel economy is getting

better with each run.

Dave Acton

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