Saturday, July 18, 2020

Playboy Sr. versus Cabin Playboy

Joe Elgin with Tom McCoy's Cabin Playboy

NB: The cabin version is a modification for only the Playboy Senior.  The Junior is an entirely different design (not merely a reduction).   There are slab sided versions and some with stringers on the top and sides like the Senior.   A few different wings exist but in all cases, the Junior has a wider fuselage than the Senior, a longer tail moment,  and all wing variants have a higher aspect ratio with inner panels that are longer than the tip panels.   Curiously, both John Pond and Joe Elgin preferred both the Junior and the Baby Playboy over the Senior when blown up to the original size of the Senior.


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Larry Davidson said...

Really enjoyed that PB Cabin and help from Tom Ryan, Cameraman and dear friend and my Free Flight flying buddy, Bob Sowder,