Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stevens Aero FREDe 2X (part 8)

Hi Tom,

 As you can see, the balance plug on the battery will not plug into the Electrifly Cell Match for checking each cell's voltage. But, it will plug into the 3S port on the HP/PQ Adaptor which comes with the HiTec 4x multi charger. The plug with the HP/PQ Adaptor will plug into the Electrifly Cell Match. Then, you read the voltage in each cell after a flight. Velcro was installed to hold the battery. One light shock on the fuselage and the battery broke loose. So I installed a keeper bar. It works great Also modified the stand for FRED. I decided to screw it to the cockpit floor. That way FRED could be removed to work on the servo tray a whole lot easier. The struts are painted black because I had a can of Design Master Flat Black. FRED looks great in the cockpit!

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