Saturday, June 9, 2012

Live Wire Rebel with converted Heath Kit radio

old radio converted to 2.4 gHz

Tom, It flies GREAT! Just the way Pappy DeBolt designed it. It flew right of the board as they say. A little right trim under power, but that's it. Powered by a P.A.W. 1.49 cc twin ball bearing diesel
that starts every time with 3 flips, it weighs 29 ozs. which is 10 ozs. below the 1956 design weight. I built one in 1957 when I was 14, powered with an OK 074 with a Lorenz 2 tube rx and a Demeco
servo, which was sorta like a compound escapement, but with more batteries. Never got more then some marginally controlled crashes. Times sure have changed. Tony Stillman's conversion performed
flawlessly. Thanks for the tip.


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