Thursday, June 21, 2012

HobbyKing Racer & The NASA Guard House Bird

HI Tom,

 Flew the HobbyKing Racer four times yesterday. I had to move the battery and 2 1/2 ounce weight from the back of the firewall. It was nose heavy. But I had to put the battery and weight behind the fire wall to balance the model as per the manual. So much for going by the instructions manual. The battery is in front of the servos and the model is still slightly nose heavy. Plan on adding some lead to the tail. The model flies fast with my old 60 Speed Webra using a 13 - 4 APC prop.. Flew it in a heavy cross wind this morning. No problems up in the air. Took two tries at landing; but I got it in A-OK! I could not resist taking a photo of the bird guarding the NASA Guard House. Thank You For My Birthday Present.

 Bucky Walter

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