Thursday, May 20, 2010

First SAM 39 flying day at the Shelby Airport

Hi Guys,

What a wonderful day to fly. The winds were very calm and warm. Gil Morris had trouble with the DeeTee fuse on his FAI 1/2 A model which failed did not DeeTee and had a Two & A Half Hour Flight. It left the field heading Southeast and ended up in the top of a very tall tree Five Miles South of the field. Oh what fun
Tom Ryan had driving Gil around the country side searching for the model. When the model was located but not retrieved they returned to the field.

Gil was so happy to located the model he offered to buy lunch for anybody that wanted to go to Paul's Dinner. You know Ole Bucky hopped right on that offer.

Cliff Riedel and Jim Keppler came with gliders and small rubber jobs. Ted Williams came to watch the guys fly. Our R/C friends, Jim Winningham and Paul Stansberry, flew their R/C models. That rounded out the group.

Ole Bucky tried to fly his Tornado II. The 1/2 A Cox engine started with the first flip of the prop. The flight was sheer madness, full down elevator was required on the power climb out. By that time I was not able to control the model and Tom Ryan took over the controls for the glide which turned into a barrel of fun. Tom had full right rudder to stop the spinning to the left from getting worse. The model finally won out and crashed into the nice soft high grass. No damage.

Tom found a warp in the left wing, suggestion to add nose weight and also down thrust. I can't wait for the next flight. That engine starts on the first flip of the prop, what a joy.

Jim Keppler had a ball flying his Polish light model and also his little rubber job. I took a lot of photos of Jim and his models, he was the only one flying.

Cliff did a lot of glide testing with his new glider. No tow line flights due to the lack of wind.

Enjoy the photos,


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