Thursday, May 6, 2010

1/2A Texaco Tatone Atomizer II

Hi Tom,

The color scheme is wild. Should be able to see it at great heights. Also very easy to spot in a corn field, bean field, or a very tall tree.
The model weighed in at 13.5 ounces. Should weigh 15.4 ounces.
My digital scale weighed the model at 13.5 ounces. The scale my mother weighed me when I was a baby some 78 plus years ago weighed the model at 14 ounces.
The C/G is at 62.5 %. The plan C/G called for 33%
I test glided the Atomizer and it had a very steep glide. If I set the C/G as called for on the plans of 33% the Atomizer would have dove straight into the ground. Might have even hit my big toe.
On to adding weight and more test gliding before the maiden flight.

~Bucky Walter


Matthew Taudevin said...

love the atomizer. I made one for 1/2a years ago and it flew great.. I must make one again. But now I just need to find a plan...

Tom Ryan said...

Flying models has the Aberle plan and the one from Spirit of Yesteryear has provisions for electric and an .049