Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Original Park Flyer? Part I

Under construction by Bucky Walter is this Dragonfly designed by Bob Lee and Tex Newman back in 1974. Northrop Plan Service claims this is one of their best sellers. Being published in the the defunct Model Builder Magazine twice helped. Originally powered by an O.S. .10 and similar engines, the original used a Kraft brick.

With a new Spektrum 5 channel and a PAW .09, the performance of this 728 sq. in. model should be an improvement over the original.

Flying report here


Unknown said...

Great Job!
I have the plans too!
Bought all the wood.
Now, I just have to build it!

Keep us posted!
Would like to see it finished and flying!

Unknown said...

I see you added some extra wood to the wing!

Southerner said...

Which issue of Model Builder did Dragonfly appear in?

Tom Ryan said...

2/76 and 10/96

Southerner said...

Hello Tom.

Was there any difference between the February 1976 artcle and the October 1996 artucle?

In looking at the pictures of the article pages it si hard to read (due to size). I have seen the Feb 76 article and there does not appear to be a lot in the article itself.

Also the 76 article has the plan on 2 pages and uses blue backgrouond.

Thank you.

Tom Ryan said...

Pretty much the same article

Marten said...

Looks great! Did you build the wing as a one piece?

Unknown said...

It is a very nice, easy building and flying model. I have built 2 of them and one enlarged version up to 12 feet span. It is giant ,beautiful graceful flying model. I enjoyed a lot.

Anonymous said...

I learned to fly in 1984 with a Dragonfly. Fun lazy flyer that many people have enjoyed.